Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Day I met Tina the Llama--Who Doesn't eat the FOOD

Can you tell yet that I love the movie Napoleon Dynamite? I like to quote it a lot. So does my sister.

Welcome back! Thank you for all of the wonderful comments! I'm surprised I have so many followers, but duh! I'm funny, so I think you will stick around.

So yesterday I went to the San Diego County Fair. I went with Surferwife (my mom), Bob and my little sister, Haley. First, I went on the tram ride to the main gate and as you can see I like to be by myself. Mainly because Bob will start tickling me and I will fall off of the tram. That would distract the driver.

I went on many rides and enjoyed all of them. My favorite was mmmmmm, which ones were my favorite? Beetle Bob? No. Oh yeah, yeah. Beetle Bob's. It goes fast forward and then backward. It gets faster and faster. I rode on it with my mom and she didn't do a very good job. She tells me it's because she is getting old.

Bob and I went to a fun house where there's one path through the mirrors and then there's crazy mirrors upstairs that make you look all tall and weird. Then you go down a slide.

My little sister was annoying everyone with wanting to go to the animals. We saw cows, hogs, horses, roosters and fluffy roosters. But the best was the llama because she poses for pictures and sticks her ear up. And look at her buck teeth! We tell Haley if she doesn't stop sucking her thumb she will look like this.

I hope none of you are Celtics fans. I gotta go watch the Lake Show now.

Peace Out (I say this like Kip Dynamite says it.)

See you next (flag)post.


  1. I can't handle those spinny rides anymore.

    I also think we should adopt Tina and make her our newest family pet.

  2. sounds like a fab day...much more fun that i have had in a while! but i got a little sick just hearing about that ride..i probably would have thrown up.

    also, i live near boston. sorry. we can still be friends though...i don't really care all that much who wins...

  3. Go Boston!

    That llama is freaky.

  4. looks like a great day! i'm not surprised that you have so many followers! you're awesome! anyone who is not following you is a LOSER! and that llama kind of looks like your mom!

  5. I love rides! Tell mom getting old is no excuse!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Did you see a "Liger" when you were there? You know, "it's pretty much my favourite animal".

    BTW - you have more followers than me now. Congratulations on your blog success.

  7. Obviously, the funny is a gene in this family because you are cracking me up!
    And uh, yeah--you totally beat me on the followers thing. And I'm like THREE times your age! :)

  8. Hi SportsBoy.

    I think fairs are so fun! I LOVEEE the mirrors that make you look huge and really short, those are so cool!

    Later Gator!

  9. Llama's are pretty close to the best animals ever.

    Except monkies.

    If I had a pet monkey, I would train it to ride llamas.

  10. You just cracked me up. The comment about sucking thumbs and bucktoothed llamas did me in.

    Looking forward to the next installment...

  11. The last time I was at an amusement park, I went on the teacups and nearly chucked up all my nuggets.

    And by the way, I caught you a delicious bass!

  12. Hey you're a cool little dude. Probably because your mom is sooooo cool! You know how I know she is cool? Because my son wants his own blog too, and I told him he wasn't old enough yet. He will be 8 next Sunday. So now, since you know, I want to be as cool as your mom, I might have to reconsider.

  13. I'm 8 to and it sounds fun. Llama is your funny

  14. LUCKY! (spoken just like Napoleon...I too am a HUGE GIANGANTIC BIG OLD BIGGIE FAT FAN!)

  15. My mom used to tell me about that my teeth too. :)
    It sounds like you guys had an awesome time!! I'm glad you didn't fall off the tram!

  16. I think that was a good idea you sat in the back of the tram so you wouldnt be ticklked and distract the driver! Looks like a fun day!