Monday, June 28, 2010

I wish I could convince my parents to sell my sister for fifty dollars.

Sorry I'm late, folks. I've been busy dancing over at my mom's blog. Have you seen it yet?

Pop Warner football season is coming up in about a month. I got all my pads last Saturday because it is my second year of tackle football but third year overall. I played Flag when I was in 1st grade.

Last year I played lineman on offense and defense and a little bit of running back. I hope I get the positions of linebacker and receiver. But really I like any position.

This year my goal is to be one of the hardest tacklers. My mom says that because I am a big kid, I can take people out.

That's also why I like to play ice hockey. A couple weeks ago I got a hat trick in my ice hockey game. Which means I got three goals in one game. And then the next week I got two assists, which means I passed the puck to the person who scored.

This past Saturday, I scored the first goal of the game, lost my balance and slid right into the goal. Everyone was celebrating while I was stuck in the goal like a bug who can't get off his back. When I was sliding in, I was so scared that my ribs were going to hit the post of the goal, but I put out my hand and pulled myself into the goal.

Our goalie got a shutout, which means he didn't allow any goals from the other team. Our defense is really good but I usually play right/left wing. My backwards skating isn't as good as some of the other guys so I don't really play defense.

Right now my sister is being a crazy person and rocking out to Rock With You by Michael Jackson. If you saw the video on my mom's blog, you can tell she loves singing Michael, especially Beat It and Billie Jean.

She is also incredibly obsessed with 30 seconds to Mars. My mom is saying with Jared Leto as the front man she should be. I don't even know what this means.

That's all HE wrote.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Day I met Tina the Llama--Who Doesn't eat the FOOD

Can you tell yet that I love the movie Napoleon Dynamite? I like to quote it a lot. So does my sister.

Welcome back! Thank you for all of the wonderful comments! I'm surprised I have so many followers, but duh! I'm funny, so I think you will stick around.

So yesterday I went to the San Diego County Fair. I went with Surferwife (my mom), Bob and my little sister, Haley. First, I went on the tram ride to the main gate and as you can see I like to be by myself. Mainly because Bob will start tickling me and I will fall off of the tram. That would distract the driver.

I went on many rides and enjoyed all of them. My favorite was mmmmmm, which ones were my favorite? Beetle Bob? No. Oh yeah, yeah. Beetle Bob's. It goes fast forward and then backward. It gets faster and faster. I rode on it with my mom and she didn't do a very good job. She tells me it's because she is getting old.

Bob and I went to a fun house where there's one path through the mirrors and then there's crazy mirrors upstairs that make you look all tall and weird. Then you go down a slide.

My little sister was annoying everyone with wanting to go to the animals. We saw cows, hogs, horses, roosters and fluffy roosters. But the best was the llama because she poses for pictures and sticks her ear up. And look at her buck teeth! We tell Haley if she doesn't stop sucking her thumb she will look like this.

I hope none of you are Celtics fans. I gotta go watch the Lake Show now.

Peace Out (I say this like Kip Dynamite says it.)

See you next (flag)post.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here's something crazy today.

Okay so you know I am only 8 years old but nothing to worry about.

So today in my pool I played a friendly game of water polo....not really. It started out pretty good but it got worse and worse. My step dad, we will call him 'B' tried to say I cheated but he was the one who did, basically. This picture is what we looked like.

When I was running back to the pool from getting the ball, my dog ran in front of me and I tripped, fell, and landed in the pool. Me AND my dog.

Other people might see B and I as crazy people, but we are just having fun.


Finally school is getting out on Friday. I love 2nd grade but I love summer also.

I hope you liked my first blog.

That was my sporty news.