Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get ready to read!

Sorry it took so long to do another post. But the worst part is that it might rain on Halloween.

My football season is almost over. We are going to play our playoff game this weekend and then next weekend we are going to play in the Chocolate Bowl. The season was exciting because I got to play linebacker on Defense. I made a lot of the tackles and got an interception early in our season.

My 3rd grade teacher is a lot better than I expected. Not that I was expecting like bad or weird --just a lot funnier than I thought. There is also a new Indian guy in my class that makes me crack up all the time. At lunch one day he asked us guys, "If I throw away my food will that make me more popular?" He also refuses to use the word 'It' even when my teacher literally tells him to use that particular word because we are working on pronouns. It makes me laugh harder because he doesn't realize how funny he's being.

For Halloween, I am going to be Jason Voorhies from Friday the 13th because he has THE coolest name in the world. Haley will be like a leopard type cat. My mom will put pictures up after Halloween so don't forget to come back.

I made breakfast for Haley and myself just now and she is trying to eat all of my sausage, so I have to go. I'm also trying to win the Superbowl on my Nintendo DS, so this post is over.


  1. Stop manhandling your sister over the sausage.

    You are super good at football and I love that you are going to be Jason for Halloween. The End.

  2. Also, your new friend sounds pretty much amazing. Let's have him over for a playdate.

  3. glad you're back to blogging and that you're having a great 3rd grade year so far! good luck on your playoff game this weekend!

  4. Glad you're back! I guess you'll be starting hockey soon, eh? Can't wait to see your Halloween costume! Please tell your Mom that a kid your age probably shouldn't be frying up sausages - it's kinda dangerous, even for me. Or maybe that's just me.

  5. ooh can't wait to see pics of the halloween costumes! i scare easily though, so don't be scary please.

    and i'm glad you like your teacher- i always expected mine to be weird...and usually they were!

  6. Chocolate Bowl?

    That had better be as awesome as it sounds.

    Tell your new friend not to throw his food away. That's wasteful. Food is for eating. A lot.