Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The one day where I was both Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps at the same time.

Sorry it took so long to write another post, my cousins were in town so I was busy.

By the way, I won the word of the week with my last post. The Nerd Mafia said I was now a Made Kid and gave me this award. Thank you readers for commenting and saying I should win. And also, thank you to Nerd Mafia for voting that I should win. Cool.

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So, a couple of weeks ago I got a little rambunctious and took a dip in the pool with my bike. I was riding my bike around the pool and went too fast off the step and I went into the shallow end of the pool very slowly. I was wearing all of my clothes and it took my shoes five whole days to finally dry. I checked everyday to see if they were dry.

Immediately my dad was taking pictures like a paparazzi and my mom came running out of the house and flipped out. When everything was done that's when she told me I shouldn't ride my bike around the pool and that I am NOT Evel Knieval.

I got out of the pool all frantic, but I still thought it was awesome. I kept yelling out, "That was Great!"

That's it for this post, see you next time.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am 8 and I take after my mom's writing skills.

Usually my sister is the bragger but today my mom is because she won the Word of the Week. So, since I'm Sports Boy and the word is Fumble, I have to compete. Here is her winning post.

Last year I was good at recovering fumbles in football. When I was a running back, I don't think I ever fumbled but when I was on defense I was the guy who made the other running back fumble the football and I usually recovered it.

But since I am writing about the Word of the Week, I am going to change the subject to slumber parties. Me and my sister fumble around for the same stuffed animal that we both love. She starts laughing and the chances of her getting hurt go to like 75%. Usually I get it but I give her another chance and we keep doing this until she gets tired.

This usually results in one of us getting hurt (Haley) and some crying, and my mom coming in and threatening to end the slumber party. Since it is dark in there, my mom fumbles over the toys and then gets really mad. I go right back to my bed because I am a good boy.

I fumble around with a tiny soda bottle and my mom gets mad again and takes it away from me! My mom says this doesn't make sense in my blog but I think it's funny for that reason.

I hope the other bloggers entering this Word Up, Yo! competition fumble in their entry posts, so I can be a wiener like my mom.

So that's it. See you next time on Sports Boy News

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